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Terms of Services


  • There is a moderate chance I might decline an order if the character or concept is something I cannot deliver well, this is important because every commission is influenced by my style strengths.

  • I reserve the rights of decline your request if it's something we can't deliver well, due to style , complexity , un-fixed design.

  • I will provide screenshots of WIPs. Minor adjustments are allowed in the early stages, but no major changes are allowed if it wasn't originally included in the reference material and if it will affect the overall composition of the model.​​

  • WE can provide you for the digital files of the commission. (.fbx, .png textures, and .unitypackage/VRM).

  • Please have reference images ready when you contact me. Proper reference sheet preferred (Front, side, back). Multiple photos from different sources, or a Pinterest board, are not as likely to be accepted!

  • NDA approved, if you don't want me to talk about your project or upload images of your character in my online portfolio, or others, but the price will be risen slightly if that's the cases.

  • I will not claim the Intellectual Property or reuse/resell your project/design for commercial projects unless agreed upon.

  • By purchasing any of my services you're automatically accepting my Terms of Service and being obligated to follow them.

If you want to order a model for commercial use, prices are as follow:

  • x3 total price - When the artwork is the bulk of the product and you're reproducing or selling it (body pillow, merchandise, t-shirts, etc.)

  • Information for VTuber Models!:

  • Vtuber Model Pacakge's

The Vtuber Package, the specific package will come with:

  • The 3D Model in fbx format

  • It's corresponded textures and texture masks.

  • A full Humanoid Body rig

  • include Viseme (AIUEO) , Blink , 4 Facial Expression

  • Dynamic/Spring bones (for hairs, tails, ears, wings, skirts, etc) for physics within Unity

  • The model converted into VRM format for use in Luppet and other programs

  • VR Chat unity package for VRchat cost Extra Charge

Requirement For 3D Commission :

kireina ref(2).png

Reffsheet sample from Kireina, Osiimii Original Character

Vtuber model
  • Payment

  • I will only accept Paypal payments


  • Payments will only be accepted in USD.


  • I will request payment  50% of total price as the Commitment Fee.


  • Slot Booking will Take as minimum 25% of total prices.


  • I will add you to my queue list once payment is cleared and details are given.


  • Do not send me any kind of payment until I have confirmed I can accept your


  • I will not deliver any product unless payment is fully complete.

Illustrator Partners

Come to help bring you Avatar idea to Life !

We have Partner up with talented illustrator to help you with your avatar
They will bring your Idea to
LIFE and provide the BEST design & Refsheet

* We Priority Commission from our Affiliated Artist *

Meet our Talented Artist :



Freelance illustrator who specialize in drawing Cute and Sexy Character !

"THIC C C, Sexy, and Cute is what i made"

  • Instagram
  • Twitter
maka nyan.jpg


Experienced in comic and video game industry,

maka_nyan is specialized in designing fantasy theme and male vtubers avatar.

  • Instagram
  • Twitter


Character Illustrator , Snooty was specialize in fantasy character design

Especially in tech wear or something with post apocalypse vibe

  • Twitter
  • Terms & Conditions

  • Model price may vary base on complexity please contact me or Artemiz for estimate price.

  • You can use the output file for commercial purpose (streaming for revenues), but not to the extend of second hand distribution (re-selling or sharing it to public) without me or Artemiz‘ permission.

  • Vtuber Commission Inquiry please send to

Subject : 3D Commission - Vtuber [Your name]

  • Include your Refferences Sheet

  • Type : 3D Vtuber commission

  • Affiliated Artist : Fill our artist name / None (if not from our affiliated artist).

  • Paypal Email for invoice.


Subject : 3D Commission [Your name]

  • Include your Refferences Sheet

  • Type : Game/animation/others

  • Affiliated Artist : Fill our artist name / None (if not from our affiliated artist).

  • Paypal Email for invoice.


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